Two British Milfs in stockings & suspenders kiss & cuddle

If you enjoy watching amateur hot milfs then you’ll love these pair. Dimonty is hanging out in her sexy underwear when she decides to invite her friend Steph over to play. She tells her not to wear anything but the lingerie she’s got on underneath her clothes and just waits for her to show up. As soon as she does, it’s time to start the fun. They both lie on the bed and cuddle for a while so they can touch each other’s body as much as possible. That’s when Dimonty decides to rest her head right on her friend’s perfect tits. It doesn’t take long for her head to move down to her wet and waiting snatch. These two British Milfs in stockings & suspenders kiss & cuddle, you can see them getting excited as a small wet patch appears on their silk knickers.

Her friend opens her legs wide and lets her take her pretty little pussy in with her eyes. Seeing it makes Dimonty instantly flood in her own panties and she can’t help but try to move things on a little faster. She reaches up and pulls her friend’s bra off to let her perfect tits come out to play. She can’t stop herself from playing with her tits as soon as she gets a good look at them. She lets her own boobs out and her friend sucks her nipples right into her warm mouth.

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